The Beginning

Our story began with a simple goal in mind: How can we reduce our daily sugar intake and still enjoy our every day food and drinks? That’s how we stumbled upon Stevia and we have been obsessed with it ever since, trying to perfect its taste and create products with it that not only taste amazing, but also are good for us and for our planet. Our hope is that you enjoy our products as much as we do.

We are committed to our product, people, and planet.

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We spend months and countless hours in creating our products, perfecting not only the recipe, but also learning about all the ingredients, whether or not each one is really necessary and most importantly, where they come from. We are very careful in sourcing our ingredients and never cut any corners when it comes to production. After all, we make our chocolates in Switzerland. Additionally, for our fruit flavored bars, we use real fruits pieces like blueberries and never ever touch artificial flavors or juice powders.

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Excess sugar consumption has reached very alarming rates and it has become a cause for concern. We not only want to offer people a healthy alternative to sugar, but also to help stop the growing diabetes and obesity trends. Even though we have a small team, we try to get involved in our communities in different ways, whether it’s raising money for diabetes research, or educating kids about the harmful effects of sugary drinks. We also care deeply about the people that are involved in creating our products. For instance by purchasing UTZ certified cocoa, we ensure farmers have better working conditions and incomes.

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Through UTZ’s program and strict monitoring, better farming methods are utilized, contributing to a more sustainable supply chain and environment. We also make sure to use recycled paper where we can in order to reduce our negative footprint. Our shipping process is audited frequently and is constantly changing to get rid of unnecessary material. We also listen very carefully to our customers and even changed our entire process once after we received negative feedback about packing peanuts. We want to conserve our planet for the generations to come.

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Together, we can make the world's sweet tooth a little smarter.

 -Team Stivii